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Ciren Web Design is now located in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK.

I have been creating websites since 1997, and have worked for both major agencies and private clients. In future I shall just be working for private clients. I am now located in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK.

I offer three levels of service, Bespoke, Off the Shelf+ and Off the Shelf. Please see below for pricing and the details of each category.

I cater to small businesses looking to establish a web presence, or those businesses wanting to create mobile friendly sites. Many older websites  do not display correctly on multiple platforms or devices. I can fix this.

Responsive Design, i.e. websites that display correctly on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones are now vital. Everything I do is Responsive and will work cross platform and device.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Responsive Design

A short video I made explaining Responsive Design and my "Off the Shelf" offer.

Adding YouTube videos to your new site is easy.

My YouTube Channel is Here

Bespoke, Off the Shelf+ or Off the Shelf?

  • Off the Shelf is quick, easy and the cheapest route to a web presence. It is more than sufficient for most small businesses. You must have any copy, graphics, YouTube videos and anything else you want included ready to go.

  • Off the Shelf+ means the basis of the site is a page or pages created with software, plus my £35 per hour charge for any extras, like YouTube video creation, photography, text or added extra elements for which I have to write the code.

  • Bespoke is a site where everything is created from scratch. Obviously I can use any pre-existing logos or text, or create them. It will result in a completely unique site where I have written and optimised all the code by hand.

  • Domain Name and Hosting

    I can recommend a company I have been using for years for my clients' sites. I am unaffiliated and make no comission from this recommendation, so you will be getting maximum value for money.

Off the Shelf

For a one page site. This page is
Off the Shelf

  • Domain name and Hosting Extra

Off the Shelf+

Per page, £25 per additional pages plus £35 per hour for anything
I have to create or code I have to write
  • Domain name and Hosting Extra


Per hour for everything, inc. writing 
code, grahics, site creation etc.

  • Domain name and Hosting Extra

Ciren Web Design

72a Church St
Tewkesbury GL20 5RX

Phone: 07508 048779
Land Line:  01684 491585

(Bespoke sites)

Off the Shelf Sites