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Ciren Web Design is now located in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK. I operate a service for small businesses - if you have your photos and text ready you can be online very quickly for roughly £100 for a one page site with hosting, email address etc.

A short video I made explaining Responsive Design and my "Off the Shelf" offer

Adding YouTube videos is easy


I offer two levels of service, Bespoke and Off the Shelf. Please see below for pricing and the details of each category.
I cater to small businesses looking to establish a web presence, or those businesses wanting to create mobile friendly sites. Many older websites do not display correctly on multiple platforms or devices. I can fix this.
Responsive Design, i.e. websites that display correctly on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones, is now vital. Everything I do is Responsive and will work cross platform and device.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


Off The Shelf

Created with software you get a site that looks like this one
£ 35per page
This is a quick and easy process
  • This is entirely adequate for most small businesses. You can also have a Paypal store, image galleries (please see Wallpaper page), etc.


I write the code by hand. Results in a unique site
£ 35per hour
A longer process
  • With this option I create everything from scratch, including, if required, logos etc. It does take significantly longer

I have been creating Websites since 1997


Stour Valley Bacon logo

Stour Valley Bacon

A Bespoke Site

This is an example of a site where I have written all the code by hand

Pelham Planning

Pelham Planning

A Bespoke Site

This is also an example of a site where I have written all the code by hand

Link to Sanders Builders

Sanders Builders

An "Off the Shelf" Site

An example of a site where I have used a web page creation programme


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