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Ciren Web Design is now located in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK. I operate a service for small businesses - if you have your photos and text ready you can be online very quickly for roughly £100 for a one page site with hosting, email address etc.

Responsive Web Design

A short video I made explaining Responsive Design and my "Off the Shelf" offer.

Adding YouTube videos to your new site is easy.

My YouTube Channel is Here


I offer three levels of service, Bespoke, Off the Shelf and Off the Shelf+. Please see below for pricing and the details of each category.

I cater to small businesses looking to establish a web presence, or those businesses wanting to create mobile friendly sites. Many older websites do not display correctly on multiple platforms or devices. I can fix this.

Responsive Design, i.e. websites that display correctly on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones are now vital. Everything I do is Responsive and will work cross platform and device.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Off The Shelf


Off the Shelf is quick, easy and the cheapest route to a one page web presence. It is more than sufficient for most small businesses. You must have any copy, graphics, YouTube videos and anything else you want included ready to go.

Domain Name and Hosting Extra (Typically £50 p.a.)

Off The Shelf+


Off the Shelf+ is £50 for the first page and £25 for additional pages. Plus £35 per hour for any additional work or coding by hand that is needed.

Domain Name and Hosting Extra (Typically £50 p.a.)



Bespoke is a site where everything is created from scratch. Obviously I can use any pre-existing logos or text, or create them. It will result in a completely unique site where I have written and optimised all the code by hand.

Domain Name and Hosting Extra (Typically £50 p.a.)

 Some Examples

Pelham Planning

I wrote the code for this site by hand

stour Valley Bacon

Again code written by hand and logo created

Sanders Builders

Created using software - an Off The Shelf site

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